Fuel Service

The function of the fuel system is to collect and then deliver fuel to the cylinder chamber of your car’s engine.  Here in the cylinder chamber the fuel is mixed with air as it vaporizes and then the mixtures burns to produce energy.  That energy is then converted into a rotary motion that powers your car.

The fuel system components

  • Fuel Tank:  Stores fuel.  Internal baffles prevent sloshing during stops and starts.
  • Fuel Pump:  Draws the fuel from the tank and propels it through fuel lines.
  • Fuel Lines:  Steel lines and flexible hoses carry the fuel from the tank to the engine.
  • Fuel Filter:  The fuel filter is important for keeping your fuel system functioning at its best.  A clean fuel filter means better gas mileage.  (Change every 20,000 miles or once a year.)

Fuel system wear and tear can be affected by the quality of fuel used in your automobile, the age of your car or truck, driving conditions, maintenance history and the number of miles on the vehicle.

Potential fuel system related problems that you may or may not experience some time in the life of your vehicle include: poor gas mileage, “won’t start”,  difficulty starting, check engine light appearing on the dashboard, stalling,  surging, misfiring or hesitating.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Carbon deposit is the number one issue related to the fuel system.  The by-product of burning gas is soot carbon build-up.  That carbon build-up acts like a sponge.  As gas is burned carbon deposits build up on the fuel system components.  The deposits soak up fuel causing the car to think it is running lean and the cars on-board computer tells the fuel system to deliver more fuel.  Once the deposits are saturated the car will adjust back.  This process has the biggest impact on fuel economy.  As the deposits grow, the harder the fuel system has to work, causing poor fuel economy. Fuel injectors, intake valves, exhaust valves.

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